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Welcome to the OSLC4Net project

What is OSLC4NET?

OSLC4Net is an SDK and sample applications to help the .NET community to adopt OSLC (Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration) and build OSLC-compliant tools.

The current content of the project is the source for a .NET SDK written in C#. The SDK allows developers to create OSLC providers or consumers by adding OSLC annotations to .NET objects to allow them to be represented as OSLC resources. It includes a library based on the dotNetRDF package which assists with representing these resources as RDF/XML and which helps parse RDF/XML documents into OSLC .NET objects.

The ASP.NET MVC 4 library can be used to assist with creating consumer REST requests or to help create a provider which can process OSLC REST requests.

The project currently contains the SDK and a sample OSLC Change Management client. A sample provider using the SDK is one of the top priorities for the project.

More information on OSLC

  • See the OSLC site for more details on OSLC specifications and community activities.
  • See the Eclipse Lyo site for information on OSLC SDKs and samples for other technologies.


OSLC4Net depends on the following libraries

OSLC4Net License

OSLC4Net is licensed under the Eclipse Public License

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